Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas time

It's christmas time!  It's christmas time!  All the children sing as a soft winter snow falls upon the open meadows.  The air is crisp and there is the smell of gingerbread men dancing through the busy home.  All the christmas lights are hung and twinkling while there is excited expectations running through.  As the night goes by, the happy children are put to bed in the hopes that when they wake, Santa has come and brought every child a wonderful gift.  As everyone is laying sleep, there is a jingle of bells heard from afar and it is getting closer and closer.  Suddenly there are hoof steps heard on the roof and a thud.  Who might this be?  It's Santa!! 

He hustles down the chimney with the greatest of ease and puts the beautiful gifts that he brought for the children under the tree with care.  He spies a dish full of newly baked gingerbread men cookies with a note to Santa,  "Dear Santa, please have these as our thank you for the wonderful gifts that you are about to bring."  He smiles kindly and with a twinkle in his eye, he spryly hustles back up the chimney and is suddenly gone. 

~ I'm not a writer as you can see, but I thought I would give this a little try. It's Christmas time for pete's sake. ~